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Robson Robymisterdrums Maurice



Robson Maurice the musician and entrepreneur who is also referred to as RobyMisterDrums was born and raised in Montreal, Canada to Haitian parents. Mr. Maurice was raised in a family of ten children. Music has always been an integral part of the family as his parents both sang in church choirs as well as at home during private family gatherings. Later, his siblings followed in the footsteps of his parents by joining church choirs and groups. Robson was indifferent to vocal music expression. From early childhood, he applied his interests to drumming composition. His talent was discovered at the age of sixteen (16) at a church event. Robson’s aptitude for drumming and talent brought him to compose and perform in Montreal, New York, and Boston. The storytelling perspective is a strong feature in Maurice’s instrumental compositions. Acoustic instruments are often combined with drums, piano, and bass with artistic segments accentuated through literature, poetry, and opera. His music also frequently combines other visual artistic components such as performance arts, dance, expressionism, and video/media arts. His style is distinctly his own, reflecting his personal and modern versions of orchestral classical soul music.

Robson is a World drummer who has no true preference regarding styles of music. He purposely never mastered any genres of music. The sole purpose was to not limit himself to any genre of music and to create connections through various cultures to acquire knowledge of different ways to live and celebrate diversity and inclusion. His career began with Gospel music in Montreal, which allowed him to meet a wide range of great musicians who assisted him to develop and flourish musically. After playing Gospel music for so long, he decided to take his chances in different styles so he could push himself. Over time, it allowed him to eventually play for over 50 different nations. With that, Robson now plays over 60 styles of music and hundreds of different drum patterns.

Robson’s musical work encourages humanitarianism. In 2012 he went to Haiti and completed a benevolent venture. Although his first reason for going was to play drums, he quickly discovered that he could use the arts to teach and give opportunities to others who have big dreams. He now lives in Calgary where he continued his career as a professional drummer. He

played in different venues such as the Stampede, the Calgary Tower, the Epcor Centre (now Arts Commons) and many others. His abilities have been noticed nationally and internationally. He was found four times in the top 20 best drummers in the country, and he has played for award-winning international artists such as Shirley Simpson, Dee Jones, Sonie Badu, Uche Agu, Soukous Star, Kidum and many more. He also played in various genres of album or singles such as Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and African music to name a few.

In 2014, he retired from being a full-time drummer to focus on different projects regarding Classical Soul Composition. Currently, he is creating music, giving drum lessons, and building his corporation. He created a style of music called Classical Soul Music, and his compositions are played by an orchestra he founded and named Key 30 Orchestra. His vision is to tell life stories through his music and to encourage people that despite our differences, we all go through hardships that we can relate to, but most importantly, we can all become better if we persevere.

God plays the most important role in writing Robson’s life story through the allegory of musical composition.

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